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Inagural Crescent City Levee Run 2016

Crescent City Levee Run 2016

The Crescent City Levee Run takes place in Jefferson, Louisiana - USA. The 4-mile race course started on River Road & Labarre. The Levee Run temporarily replaced the Crescent Connection Bridge Run while the CCC Bridge is under construction, but will remain part of the Classic Race Series even after the Bridge Run is re-instated.

Source: George Melichar - Levee Run 2016

Source: George Melichar - Race # Pick-up

For this event I decided to volunteer. I was assigned to the second water station stop located approximately 3/4 of the way on the 4 mile race course. Although I volunteered by myself, I meet great new people. Some of the volunteers wanted to be more civically involved as part of an employer initiative and others were athletes recovering from injury.

Source: George Melichar - Volunteer Bus w/air-conditioning :) 

When my volunteer comrades and I arrived to our assigned water stop; the tables, cups and water were set for us. We worked together quickly to fill water cups. In the distance we could hear the national anthem and then a roar of excitement followed by a rush of people.

Source: George Melichar - view from the levee

Race participants ran towards the Huey P Long Bridge, up on the Levee along the Mississippi River to the Finish Line

Source: George Melichar

Source: George Melichar

Source: George Melichar

Source: George Melichar

After the last athlete passed our water stop; everyone hurried up to finish cleaning-up the area as it started to rain. Although our bus had not arrived by the time we finished breaking down the water station... we did enjoy a nice walk back to our cars on the levee.

Source: George Melichar - sound from the levee of the Mississippi River

Volunteering was a lot of fun and highly recommend the experience.

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