Sunday, July 3, 2016

EuroGames Helsinki PRIDE Run 2016

EuroGames Helsinki PRIDE Run 2016

EuroGames PRIDE Run took place in Helsinki, Finland - Europe. The event organizers offered a 5km & 9.5km distance. Some athletes including myself arrived early and volunteered help to the EuroGames organizers take down the protective gates and position high-top tables. The atmosphere of the event was relaxed and a celebration of the weeks sporting events. 160 runners participated in the PRIDE run. EuroGames athletes ran together with Helsinki area locals which offered great impromptu on course conversations.

Source: George Melichar - Accreditation

Source: George Melichar - Cologne, Germany  

Source: George Melichar - Paris Front Runners Club

Source: George Melichar - Start Area

Source: George Melichar - PRIDE Run Start

Source: George Melichar - running towards lake Toolonlahti 

Source: George Melichar - Volunteer Olympian Aiysat Yusuf-Aromire

Source: Lake Toolonlahti

 Source: George Melichar - 5km & 9.5km race course split

Source: George Melichar

 Source: George Melichar

Source: ROCK STAR Volunteers

 Source: George Melichar - Community Garden

Source: George Melichar Laakso area

Source: George Melichar

Source: George Melichar

Source: George Melichar

The city of Helsinki offers a unique metropolitan run experience! I would recommend bringing your own water bottle for an organized race event and trail shoes. View PRIDE Run Finisher Results here:  RESULTS

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Eurogames Helsinki 2016: Mika Ruusunen / EuroGames Helsinki

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  1. Pictures are little blurry to watch.but the whole idea was amazing and it seems that you guys enjoyed a lot. These kind of activities must go on.