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Traveling domestically and internationally can present a challenge when looking for vegan vegetarian food items or restaurants. Upon arriving to my travel destination; I am usually focused on navigating an unfamiliar public transportation system and getting mentally prepared for sports event. I like bringing my own food and discovered MISO-CUP reduced sodium soup. 1 MISO-CUP box has 4 single serving soup packets.

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On the side of the box I noticed a special offer for an attractive MISO-CUP Soup mug. The mug is $3.99. All proceeds from the offer are donated to the reforestation agencies Save the Redwoods, Rainforest Action Network and American Forest Foundation. I needed a mug so I wrote a check for $3.99 to MISO-CUP Soup Mug Offer and mailed it to P.O. Box 1326, Carpinteria California 93014, USA.

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I LOVE THIS MUG + all the packaging contents are recyclable. If you do not have recycling available, most United States Postal Offices have a blue bin for paper mail recycling.

Source: Edward & Sons

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The mug is easy to wash and there were free samples inside the mug as an added surprise. When I prepare my mug for the day I add some chopped basil or cilantro from my garden. All I will have to do is add the MISO-CUP packet contents and hot water later in the day for a great lunch or dinner. I highly recommend purchasing the MISO-CUP Soup mug offer and MISO-CUP Soup!

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  1. This soup cup looks so useful.I did not know about this soup cup before.I would definitely get my hand on this soup cup anytime soon.