Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Over the past few years I took a break from blogging, most athletic events, and sometimes life outside the walls of my French Quarter, New Orleans flat. As I began my journey of self assessment, and to find love within myself to embrace my nonbinary gender, and accept my trans femme identity - I had to take a break and face a lifetime of whatever "it" was I feared. By confiding in my friends what I was feeling; I expressed the challenge that I could not find a strong resource of video content that represented nonbinary people or myself. My friends empowered me to reactivate the organizational and public speaking skills I learned from blogging and running the world to broaden my reach, and impact on others with the goal to positively impact those who are in any form of self discovery.

This video is a starting point for further conversations, media representation, and my return to blogging. The questions I answered in this video were given to me via social media or are questions I'm frequently asked. Everything I say in the video below are my opinions and is a representation of my life experience and self assessments. I do not represent any other entities other than myself as the owner of this video content. 

I dedicate this video to my friends who never stopped loving me without condition even when I did not love myself unconditionally.

Thank You - Geo

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